Femanic Video – Madelyn

Madelyn appeared once before in our scenes, but today she stars in her very own femanic video for you. As you know, last time we had her she starred in her own solo scene pissing all over herself as she masturbated and enjoyed the time. Well today we gave her another woman to have her fun with and you can bet this update also includes some pissing on. It wouldn’t be a successful scene without that now would it. So without further due let’s sit back and enjoy the show that these two will put on today for everyone!

Just as all of our lesbians scenes start you can see eh two women kissing and teasing one another’s bodies, until Madelyn gets too horny to bear it and she needs that yellow liquid to pour on her right now. Her buddy takes her spot and starts pissing on her as Madelyn enjoys herself underneath her. Enjoy the gallery guys, and regarding our claim to bring you the best piss galleries, well we think we held true to our word. anyways, keep enjoying the scenes guys and once again we’ll see you next week with more fresh and new content!

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Femanic Video – Public Pissing

This fine week we have a special update to bring to you guys. This time we have a femanic video update and you get to see every little second from it with two very horny ladies having a nice urine party outdoors just for you. The two women in question are working at a farm and according to them every day they manage to secure enough time for a nice little lesbian sex session and some pissing on one another before they go back to work. They’re both farm hands and as you might imagine these two rarely have time to enjoy themselves.

As the cameras start rolling you can see the pair of hotties as they make their way behind some hay stacks quickly as they have a little break. And they don’t intend to waste it by just sitting around. This is their only chance to have their private fun and they won’t miss it for the world. Watch them having some lesbian sex in the haystacks and then see one of the ladies pissing all over her friend as she desires. Again we hope you enjoyed guys, and be sure to check out the past updates that we have as well. you won’t regret it. For similar videos check out http://hiddenzone.org/ site and enjoy watching other slutty chicks pissing in public places! See you soon!

Vicky, Denisa and Candy

Hey there guys, the femanic crew is back once again with even more awesome scenes for you to see. This fine afternoon we had a trio of ladies enjoying themselves and having some fun with some urine and spit just for you. The three are called Vicky, Denisa Heaven and Candy. And what fitting names for these three goddesses of beauty that will get down and dirty literally and figuratively just for you today. Without any further delays, let’s sit back and watch them do their thing as they intend to put on quite the awesome show today for you.

As all successful lesbian scenes start off, the women start to kiss one another passionately while also undressing and throwing their clothes all over the place. This threesome in quite a sight to behold today as each and every one of these sexy women does her part to contribute to the wild fuck fest that unfolded between the three of them. Watch them as they also piss on one another’s sexy bodies just for your viewing pleasure guys. Again we hope you enjoyed you stay and we’ll be seeing you once more next week as usual!


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Femanic – Manuela and Tisha

This fine week we have another treat in store for you, for the femanic gallery update. You have seen these two horny blonde sluts once before, and today they’re making a sweet comeback just for you. Many of you guys just loved their little scene last time and you hoped to see them have some more fun together. Well we told them that they have some fans and that they’d have a chance to make another appearance as soon as possible if they desire to do so. And you can bet that they accepted the offer on the spot everyone.


As they both start off this superb scene once again, the horny women start their girl on girl session with some passionate kissing and body massaging that’s sure to entice you even more. Watch as then Manuela lies on the floor on her back as she proceeds to masturbate fast and hard while Tisha takes her spot above her and gets into position. Then she starts to piss all over Manuela as the latter continues to masturbate. And that’s just how she likes to do things. She gets even hornier when she feels the warm liquid on her hot body. For similar peeing galleries check out http://wetandpuffy.org/ website and have a great time inside! See you soon!

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Lesbian Group Fun

This fine week, the femanic crew has one special update for you guys to enjoy. This time we don’t have one, not two, but four wdgirls enjoying a nice afternoon lesbian sex session as they also practice their very weird fetishes on camera for you to see. Just in care you didn’t know this group of four have a fetish for pissing on each other, well actually that’s pointless, why else would you be here right? Well the group regularly organize these little urine parties when they get together and things seem to get to hot for them to help themselves.

Even though at the beginning all of them were dressed up in some normal outfits, they soon lost their clothes as they started to kiss passionately and massage one another’s hot bodies. Watch them as they take turns to please their pussies and watch them lick some wet cunts for this afternoon. And then see what you came here to see as they start to piss all over the place and on one another for your viewing pleasure and the cameras. Enjoy the gallery everyone and be sure to return next week when we’ll have more content for you!


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Femanic – Piss Bath

Another fresh week and time for one more femanic update. This fine day we have a sexy brunette enjoying herself in a solo session as she finally got her turn to be in the limelight all by herself. She also has this strange fetish of having fun with piss just like every other woman that we have here and she intends to show off her lust for the yellow liquid in her little solo update today. So without further due, let’s all sit back and watch her unique solo scene for today everyone. We can guarantee you’ll just love this little brunette slut.

femanic-lesbian-piss-bathAs the cameras start rolling this beauty starts off with what looks just to be a sexy woman enjoying herself and posing semi nude in lingerie to entertain the gentlemen. Well it soon becomes clear as to what her intentions truly are as she pulls down her panties and starts pissing all over herself as she plays with the stream. Today you get  to see her do that too and you can imagine that she wants to put on one awesome show for each and every one of you. We’ll return once more next week with more fresh models. Goodbye! Don’t forget  you can find similar videos and pics inside the www.prolapseparty.org site so check it out and have fun!

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Manuela Pissing On Herself

Manuela is the lady that got to please her cunt in the past femanic update without her buddy. Well Manuela here comes back today with another superb scene for you to enjoy. This hot and sexy blonde found herself flying solo once again for the afternoon but this time her buddy wouldn’t return until evening. She did think about fucking her pussy once again but now it would simply be no fun, since she didn’t have the chance to get caught in the act by her friend. So she had to came up with her own little entertainment routine!

She soon comes up with a nice idea. Since she can’t have her favorite yellow liquid pouring on her from her girlfriend, well she’d have to do it herself. Bust like the chicks from sic flics galleries, she also wanted to please her pussy too. Watch her as she pus herself in a [position where her pussy is up in the air with her legs and then see her dildo fucking her cunt until she orgasms and cums, and pisses all over herself to her pure delight. Well she considered this little thing a success today and we’re sure that you’ll also like it guys. See you next week once again with even more scenes like this one.


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Femanic – Lesbian Pissing

It’s another fine day and it’s just about time for another femanic scene update, wouldn’t you say so guys. This fine day we bring you another couple of horny women that will entertain you with their little urine party that they’ll throw this afternoon. Watch these fully dressed lesbians pissing, we can bet that you will be delighted watching this fresh update.The two women regularly enjoy this sort of thing every time they get some spare time on their hands as they simply need to quench that thirst arising from their favorite fetish. This superb scene starts out with one of them arriving from work, and noticing that she’s alone she decides to have some fun.


She was feeling very horny and since her girlfriend wasn’t home she decided to play around by herself solo. She simply took of her pants and headed for the living room to enjoy a self pleasing session with her favorite dildo. And as she was fucking herself fast and hard at femanic.com , her buddy entered to see her moaning in pleasure and having fun without her. Well now that she was caught she needed some punishment and her friend has her lying on all fours as she sits on top of her pissing on her. Enjoy the show guys and bye bye! For similar videos, enter the sleepcreepsex.com site and have fun!

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Jolanda’s Dildo Play

Hey there once again everyone, femanic here again with another fresh gallery full of images that are going to surely be to your liking. This fine day we have a blonde woman with curly hair, perky tits and blue eyes gracing your screens. Her name is Jolanda and she’s quite the horny little devil. According to her she gets very horny, very often , and when it comes to that you’d better help her with her pussy and please her or get out of the way as she just has to do something about it. Let’s see what she brought for you today guys.

In this scene the beautiful blonde Jolanda brought along her favorite dildo which she’ll fuck at femanic.com today just for your viewing pleasure. Watch her taking her seat on the brown leather couch as she pulls out the dildo sucking on it to get it ice and lubed for her eager and horny pussy. Like the chicks from the teenpissing.org site, she loves dildo fucking her cunt in front of the cam! Then see her as she slowly starts to insert in in and out working slowly on her cunt at the beginning. Then watch as she works up momentum and she’s eventually fucking her pussy fast and hard until she orgasms and cums for the cameras. Enjoy guys!


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Femanic – Gita and Cynthia

Gita and Cynthia are two very horny and sexy ladies. And they’re today’s poster ladies for this femanic update. Today the pair of women get to engage in some hot and sexy lesbian femanic sessions in addition to their little piss session. They have been shopping for food and they returned home today with lots of groceries. Suffice to say that things got haywire and the two started to play around with the food. As they started to throw it after one another they also started to get more and more horny as you might imagine.


So as they started to take their clothes off they also started off a little lesbian sex session being turned on enough by now. You cans see them kissing passionately while they’re all covered in food and then they get to work on one another’s eager and waiting pussies that are just begging to be pleased by something or someone. Then you get to see what you came here to see. Namely their piss session at femanic.com that they did jut for your entertainment. Come back once again next week for another superb and fresh scene!

Check out these sluts pissing on each other!

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